Our Staff


       The African American Office of Gay Concerns has a dedicated & diligent staff that openly reflects the  population in which it serves as they are members who represent the gay, straight & transgender community as well as individuals whom are HIV-positive or HIV-negative. AAOGC staff also participates as members of the Newark EMA HIV Health Services Planning Council, the New Jersey HIVAIDS Planning Group (NJHPG), the Governor’s Advisory Council on HIV and Other Blood-Borne Pathogens, the United Way of Essex and West Hudson’s Vision Council and the City of Newark’s LGBTQ Advisory Commission.



          Gary Paul Wright is Co-founder and Executive Director of the AAOGC, he has been involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS since the mid-eighties, when he began as a “buddy” for Gay Men’s Health Crisis in New York City.  He admits that one of his life’s highlights was the Poster Presentation of the “Status Is Everything” campaign at the XVIII International AIDS Conference, held in Vienna, Austria.

Fun Fact:  Gary Paul enjoys his double-life as a singer/songwriter—but he knows better than to give up his day job…



Wali Bradley has been involved in the HIV/AIDS community for a decade now. He currently sits on The Newark EMA HIV Health Services Planning Council, and has been for five years. He was chair of the Infected/Affected Committee for two years. He is an advocate for the young African American men who have sex with men (YAAMSM) because he continues to see huge disparities within that community.

Fun Fact: Wali’s a very good at doing word games.



Karla Barnett has been an advocate in the HIV/AIDS community for thirteen years. In June of 2004 Karla made her debut as a member of AAOGC staff and has dedicated her career to helping to give those who are discriminated against a voice to be heard. Karla has expressed how proud she is of the progress AAOGC has made in becoming a valuable part and resource in the LGBTQ community.

Fun Fact: Karla’s favorite pastime is doing search and find games.



Aminah Washington is openly transgender and currently the Legendary Mother of the Iconic House of Ebony; she was originally hired part-time to head the agency’s PrEP outreach and awareness project. In 2017, she will transition into the newest fulltime member of AAOGC’s team and will be responsible for spearheading and coordinating the T.G.I.F Peer Advocacy Project.

Fun Fact: Aminah is Jersey’s Bad Girl, in a Good Way.