Our Programs

The B.R.O.T.H.E.R. Project

The B.R.O.T.H.E.R. (Brothers Reaching Out Through Health Education and Risk Reduction) Project is an innovative HIV Prevention & Education program designed for African-American/Latino men who have sex with men, whether gay-identified or not, who are at high risk for HIV infection. The B.R.O.T.H.E.R. Project has three components:

  • SEXsponsibility

If you or someone you know is African American, gay and HIV-negative, or if you’ve never been tested before, then this is the group for you! SEXsponsibiltiy* is an intensive multi-session group workshop designed to address all types of topics that help you stay healthy, such as sex and relationships, homophobia, racism, and cultural/social/religious issues. (*Approved curriculum used is Many Men, Many Voices, or 3MV.)

  • HIV Rapid Testing

As more young men of color engage in risky sexual behaviors, it’s even more important to know your status—whether or not you are HIV infected. The AAOGC now offers in-house HIV Rapid Testing. In as little as 20 minutes, you can get tested and find out your results in the privacy of our office. While no appointment is necessary, please check our availability, as we often offer off-hour testing.

  • Food For Thought Sunday Socials

How about dinner and a movie? This group features stimulating discussion around a topic identified from a particular film or video. It may be a four-hour event on a Sunday afternoon, but who knows? The after-effects may be timeless!

T.G.I.F. Peer Advocate Project

The T.G.I.F. (Thank Goodness I’m Fabulous) Peer Advocate Project is here to provide young African-American and Latino Transgender girls a safe space, especially the “ballroom” and “sex work” girls. The T.G.I.F. Peer Advocate Project introduces and supports behavior change through community support, HIV/STI prevention education and safer sex information to reduce the transmission of HIV within these communities.

Status Is Everything Project

Status Is Everything has been the tagline used by AAOGC since its inception however its not just a slogan—if you are sexually active, your serostatus (knowing if you are HIV positive of HIV negative) can be an effective tool in HIV/AIDS prevention. Recent statistics from the CDC have indicated that one of the groups most at risk for HIV transmission are African American men who have sex with men (AAMSM), with a marked increase for young men of color. This group is also keenly unaware that they may be infected with HIV already. Again, the only way to be sure is for this targeted population to get tested. The “Status Is Everything” Social Marketing Project is a multi-faceted campaign geared to increase the number of African American men who have sex with men that get tested for HIV and other STIs in the Greater Newark Area, especially young men of color. Visit www.StatusIsEverything.org for more info.