Gary Paul and Peter Making it Official Posted November 28, 2013 by AAOGC Newark



Normally on Dec. 1st, Peter and I can be found standing in front of City Hall, observing “One Hour of Silence to End the Silence” in honor of World AIDS Day. This year, we will be observing the day by getting legally married. We’ll be “jumping the broom” at Broadway House for Continuing Care, a nursing facility for persons living with HIV/AIDS, of which I am a long-time Board member. Unfortunately, it’s a teeny-tiny Chapel, but perfect for us. And it’s a place that, when I first saw it many years ago, I just knew I’d get married there–long before New Jersey finally passed marriage equality laws. So we are honored that they are allowing us to have our ceremony there. But since the space only holds about 15 – 20 people–tops–we’re really limited. So, to all of our well-wishers, we know you’d want to participate, but alas, it’ll just be a handful of us there. But please know that we love all of you, and when we renew our vows in about 10 years, we’ll have a big to-do. In the meantime, all we can say is Thank You for your support. XXXOOOXXX