Remembering Sakia Gunn Posted May 22, 2013 by AAOGC Newark


Sakia Gunn was a 15-year old African American lesbian who was murdered in a hate crime in Newark, NJ on May 11, 2003. At the time of Gunn’s death, The Mayor promised to establish an LGBT  center for the whole community. It is now the 10th anniversary of Gunn’s murder. Still the city of Newark has not fulfilled their promise to the LGBT community. The Newark police department still hasn’t shown any improvements when dealing with the youth in the LGBT community, especially the transgender community. On May 11, 2013 the AAOGC, community groups and LGBT leaders gathered at Newark City Hall to march in honor of Sakia Gunn’s memory, where the community paid tribute and said prayers. After the march everyone gathered at the LIT Social Justice Center at 11 Halsey street, for the viewing of the documentary “Dreams Deferred: The Sakia Gunn Film Project.” The LIT Social Justice Center was transformed that day into the “Sakia Gunn Memorial Social Justice Center.”  It was a heart-felt day of remembrance for those who we lost in the community. Our job now is to not let anyone of them be forgotten. To Sakia Gunn: the AAOGC remembers you–we will never forget.