National Condom Distribution Day Posted April 1, 2013 by AAOGC Newark


Hi Guys & Gals,

The AAOGC has been providing health & social services to the African American gay population for over a decade & as we embark upon our eleventh year we are gearing up for another 11+ years of great service. Many are unaware that on Valentines Day which is known to be one of the most sexually charged days of the year, is also National Condoms Day! However, here at the AAOGC it is our duty to spread the word & do our part to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS… Therefore on National Condom Day 2013 we planned to walk & distribute condoms, however due to the overwhelmingly acceptance of our lil V-day gift & the assistance of the HIP Hop Student Organization at Essex County College & Councilmen Ron Rice we passed out over 300 condoms at our first stop Essex County College…..

AAOGC Newark :)